Bachelor of Computer Science & Technology

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    Educational Objective

    This major aims to cultivate well-grounded, practical, creative, and all-around research talents who are well developed in morality, intelligence, and physical condition to meet the requirements of national modernization. The graduated students shall be qualified to work on computer applications, scientific research, and education in areas ranging from scientific research, education, industry, government departments, and related technical and management departments.

    Main Subjects and Main Courses


    Main Subjects: Computer science and technology

    Main Courses: Discrete mathematics,Data structures and algorithms,Object-oriented programming, Computation theory, and algorithms,Numerical analysis,Database principles and design,Principles of computer organization,Assembly language programming,Operating systems,Compiler principles and design,Fundamentals of software engineering,Computer architecture,Practice of operating system principles,Computer networks,Interface technique of microcomputer,Software engineering comprehensive practice,Practice of networking technology.


    Special Courses: Object-oriented analysis and design, network and information security, Multimedia computing.

    Research Fields and Specialties Characteristics


    Research Fields: Research and development of computer systems, including research of fundamental theories, essential knowledge, and necessary expertise, computer software, research and development of computer hardware, computer application systems, the design, development, and maintenance of computer network systems.


    Specialties Characteristics: the program develops students with essential theories and the necessary expertise in computer science and information technology-related principles by connecting computer theories with applications, connecting computer software with hardware, and connecting engineering methodology with technology. On the aspects of curriculum setting and teaching process, the program focuses on essential theory study, consolidates theory study.



    1. High school graduate or above who is qualified to apply for university; non-Chinese citizens with valid foreign passport and in good health; observe Chinese laws and regulations of Beijing Institute of Technology.

    2. Aged between 18 and 25; Applicants under 18 should provide a certificate of a guardian who has Beijing residency.


    Beijing Institute of Technology


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