Music (Bachelor of Music) [BACHELOR DEGREE ]

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    Our students learn to express themselves musically at a high level

    The Bachelor of Music Program is a four-year program (120 semester hours) designed to provide students with sufficient flexibility to reflect their interests. The first two years are common to the Bachelor of Music Education Program. During years three and four, students may focus on Theory, History, or Applied Music. Upon graduation, students may wish to continue studies at the graduate level in Theory and Composition, Music History, or Performance. Graduation with a Bachelor of Music will not qualify a student for music teacher certification on Prince Edward Island.


    Students wishing to receive a Minor in Music must complete a total of twenty-one semester hours of music courses, selected from the following list (or others in consultation with the Chair), with at least nine semester hours at the 2000 level or above: Music 1130, 1140, 1150, 1170, 1230, 1240, 2130, 2140, 2150, 2170, 2230, 3150, 4120, 4220, or 4230.

    Students should check with the Chair of the Department in which they are majoring to ensure that these courses may be counted as electives. Note: some of these courses are not offered every year.

    Students interested in the Minor in Music are encouraged to contact the Music Department for course advisement. Those students wishing to register for Music 1130 (Music Theory) OR Music 1150 must take a diagnostic test to determine the level of learning support that might be needed prior to (or during) the course(s), and should contact the Music Department before 10 July to arrange an appropriate time to take the test.

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    4 Years


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    Other Qualification
    Works Experiences
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    College Application


    Original Passport Front Page
    Original Passport Back Page
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    O/l Certificate Original
    Name Change Affidavit
    Other Qualification
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    Birth Certificate Sinhala Front
    Birth Certificate Sinhala Back
    Birth Certificate English Translate
    Birth Certificate English Translate Certificate Certified By Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
    Medical Report
    Medical Report Certified By Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
    Police Report
    Police Report Certified By Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
    Bank Balance Confirmation Letter Certificate Certified By Attorneate /supreme Court/ Consulate Of Cyprus
    Sponsor Letter Certified By Attorney / Supreme Court
    Sponsor Letter Certified By Attorney
    Affidavit Letter Certified By Attorney
    Bank Balance Confirmation Letter
    Sos Fund Document
    Student Clear Signature
    College Application
    Offer Letter
    Medical Heath Declaration

    University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)-Canada


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