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Study In South Korea

Gulfaar joining hands with KMOU, Busan, South Korea to provide luminant opportunities in South Korea for Indian Engineering Students

South Korea

In cooperation with South Korea’s National Maritime University [Korea Maritime & Ocean University (KMOU)] and the selected Universities and Institutions of India, a student training and subsequently employment program is being initiated.  Korea Maritime & Ocean University (KMOU) is South Korea’s most prestigious national university for maritime study, transportation science and engineering. It is located in Yeongdo-gu in Busan, South Korea.

KMOU has authorised Gulfaar to officially represent them in India and to engage in contract with the different universities and institutions who will be partnered with KMOU in this specific training program. 

The training and subsequent employment program offers students of engineering branches viz., Electrical Design, Computer Programming and Design, from India to get into this training program as a part of their continuing study abroad in KMOU, South Korea in the above specified branches of engineering. 

As a part of this program, the selected students will be trained in Korean language initially for 3 months and after that for the related engineering branches of the proposed employment opportunities. On successful completion of all the aspects of the prescribed trainings they will be hired for employment in Korea, mostly at the shipyards in South Korea. The expenses for this program are met by the Korean Maritime & Ocean University. 

Along with the employment opportunities in South Korean Shipyards this training program also enable the students to:

  • More Employable
  • Make global connections
  • Build a global network

Why study in South Korea?

During the last ten years, Korea has become one of the most popular destinations for international students studying in Asia. It is attractive, trendy, and has a lot for a newcomer to indulge in and explore.  We see a “Korea Wave”, a global phenomenon, with the increasing popularity of K-pop, Korean-dramas, and Korean fashion. Apart from the pop culture influence, Korea is the leading force in the digital technology industry, being one of the most innovative countries with a highly Internet-connected society.

For a food lover, great Korean food is not restricted to the high-end restaurants but can also be easily found from its vibrant street vendors. Food in Korea is not only price friendly, but also healthy and rich in taste. In Korea, traditional Confucianism from ancient China meets the influence of American and Japanese modern culture.

There are also a lot of practical factors that make studying in Korea a great choice: living costs are cheaper than in many other developed countries, the tuition fees are reasonable and affordable. With its economic and political upheaval, modernized Korea is famous for its good quality of education and a high standard of health care. It is a safe and secure country with good travel connections to neighboring countries. Trips to China, Japan, and the rest of Asia on weekends or holidays add more perspective to the experience of living and studying in Korea.

Summary of Information

Capital: Seoul
Languages: Korean, Korean Sign Language
Famous Cities: Seoul, Busan, Incheon
Currency: South Korean won
Famous Universities: Seoul National University (SNU), Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

Here are the top  reasons why South Korea could be a great choice

South Korea has been attracting a lot of international students into their undergraduate, graduate and research programmes. There are about 400 national and private universities and some universities have state-of-the-art research facilities in several new and emerging scientific fields.

Universities that are oriented towards international students conduct 30% of their lectures in English Language. Graduate programmes have more lectures in English than undergraduate courses. There are some universities where all the courses are taught in English. Another option is to enroll in Korean language course prior to the academic session. The academic year starts usually in March for spring season and September for fall. A prospective student should start making preparations one year prior to the intended time of arrival. Tuition fee varies depending on the university. Generally, the national universities are cheaper than private ones.

Schools and educational system in Korea

Educational system

As in most countries in the world, Korean students need to finish 12 years of schooling through primary school (6years), middle school (3years), and high school (3years) to enter tertiary education at universities and colleges. As in the US, universities offer 4 years bachelor degrees and 2 years master programs followed by doctoral programs. There are also vocational schools and junior colleges with a lower threshold of admission.

An academic year in universities has two semesters: spring semester from March-June and fall semester September–December. Semesters are usually 15 weeks long.

Study options for international students in Korea

To study in Korea, international students can choose from the following options:
  • 1-2 study abroad semesters taught in English as a visiting student (if you are enrolled in a university in your home country).
  • Korean Language programs short summer courses or 10-60 weeks semester programs at Korean universities. Read more about studying Korean language courses in Korea.
  • Degree programs taught in Korean and/or English covering a wide range of subjects.

Korean language is essential for culture integration. Without knowing Korean language daily life in the local society is difficult and inconvenient. Knowing Korean at Topik 3 level or higher is often a prerequisite for degree programs in Korea since even degree programs taught in English often include some classes taught in Korean

Therefore most international students start their studies in Korea with language learning at the Korean Language Institute (KLI) of one of Korea’s many universities. There are also a few private Korean language schools, but unlike the university KLI’s private language schools cannot sponsor a student visa. So if you want to study in Korea for three months or longer the universities are your best bet.

Korean language programs in universities consist of 4 quarters a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), with 10 weeks each quarter. You usually have language classes 4 hours per day (either in the morning or afternoon), five days a week.

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South Korea

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South Korea

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